'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off' in a psychodelic interpretation



talk furby to me


lol lol.. i have this furby in my guitar bag—dis all im gonna think abt now haha

omg i gave u guys one of these after a show last summer. happy it has a better home now. i hope its touring the country/world with you lol

here are some more neat looking games on Steam Greenlight to check out. i posted a list like this before. a few of them got greenlit! a lot of them haven’t. anyway here’s 14 more.

  • Hidden in Plain Sight — local multiplayer party game. there are a bunch of modes but the general idea is to blend in with the crowd, carrying out tasks without making yourself obvious to the other players. i played this a lot with friends and it’s lots of fun!
  • Futuridium EP — neon 3D flighty shootery game, sorta like Star Fox. you can grab a free version from their site.
  • Momodora III — Cave Story-esque action-platformer. very cute, nice spritework.
  • Ilamentia — first person abstract platformer puzzle game. very pink.
  • VITAL — also first person abstract puzzle game. this one’s orange tho.
  • QbQbQb — rhythm puzzle block stacking
  • Beat Bros — multiplayer grid-based… uh, rhythm… bomberman… roguelike? i have no idea what i’m looking at but it looks pretty crazy.
  • Heart&Slash — robot hack-n-slash action
  • Sentris — musical puzzle game. create music as you twist around a glowy colorful wheel thing?
  • GRAVITY GODS — multiplayer game based on Warlords (one of my fav arcade games!). but this is a lot crazier. tried the beta out and seems like it could be pretty fun
  • ORBIT — multiplayer vs. twin stick shooter with… well, an orbiting mechanic
  • RADICAL HEROES : CRIMSON CITY CRISIS — River City Ransom-esque beat’em’up. uses 2D sprites in a 3D space which i always found sorta appealing. looks ridiculous as hell.
  • Dawn of the Plow — plow tons and tons of snow! get fired over everything! SNOW PLOWS!!
  • Soda Drinker Pro — Profession Soda Drinking Video Game

(also wanna re-shoutout TRIP and Cylne cuz they look cool and i rly wanna see them get thru)

been blastin this on repeat the past couple days

got DAM

picked up some 25cent goodies at a record store lol

picked up some 25cent goodies at a record store lol

another mega man spotted in the city

another mega man spotted in the city


NEW :)



Brilliant online music experience collaboration with music by James Deen and one of the best emerging net art talent at the moment vincemckelvie.

Experience it for yourself here

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would you recommend hyper iria

i made that gif months ago and i didnt play much of it and i honestly dont remember anything about it lol. i think it thought it was ok tho? maybe average? i just thought the character looked cool